JeSeraiReine.com, named “Je Serai Reine” is a blog founded by me (Estelle Alais) with WordPress.org.

Its aim is to create a community where I can share my own experiences, opinions and advices on all sorts of topics, for information and enjoyment of all who join in. It is divided in categories such as Fashion, Travel, Wellbeing and Lifestyle. I also have an interest for Mental Health Awareness.


On my blog and my social medias, I  share opinions of my own experiences, thoughts and discoveries. It means it is based on my point of view only and no one else or no any other companies or organizations is changing the authenticity of my posts. As a blog reader too, I try to be as reliable and trustworthy as possible for my readers. I would never advise or write about something I don’t like, in the aim of selling it to anyone. I only write about what I like, or what I decided was worth writing about.

Terms Of Use

Any informations given is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge, but there may be mistakes or errors too. My aim is by no mean to offend anyone through my opinions and writings, but my opinion might vary from anyone else’s.

Hold Harmless Clause

My posts are there for entertainment and/or informational purposes only, and they should not be taken as proper and official/professional advices. If you rely on any informations on my blog, it is at your own risk. I am not a professional in any of the topics I write about. I am not a doctor or a health professional, so if you rely on any of the informations regarding Mental and Physical Health or Wellbeing, it is at your own risk too.

If you think you need professional advices, I would advise you to contact a professional in any of the topics you need them for.

Reservation Of Rights

I own the rights at any time, to change my way of running or managing this blog, whether it is the content, the design, or anything else regarding the blog and its content.


I am (Estelle Alais) the author of any texts found on this blog, but in any other cases, credits are included. Photographs and pictures are credited too. If you wish to use any of my content, whether it is the text or the photographs/pictures, or any other types of content found on this blog and on my other content sharing platforms, please first contact me through my contact page or through my email address : jeseraireine@gmail.com.

If I ever find my own content on any other platforms, blogs, websites or other types of content sharing without my agreement, I will take the necessary actions.


As a lot of other bloggers, I do use Affiliate Links and Programs to earn a percentage of commission on sales. I invest a lot in my blog, therefore using such services can eventually help me growing my blog and keeping posting quality content for my readers.