13 Little Things That Made Me Happier On a Daily Basis

13 Little Things That Made Me Happier On a Daily Basis Coming from being severely depressed a few years ago (and still having my downs and demons), I needed to find things to help me get better and happier (appart from therapy, of course). At that time, I thought these 13 little things were stupid. I thought they would never make a difference. But when I think about it now, it changed everything for me. I can proudly affirm it today : it helped me considerably. It costs nothing to give it a try, and see if it works for you too ! DISCLAIMER : Obviously if you are suffering from depression or any other disorders, this won’t be the only help needed. I would advise you to reach professionals, I am no doctor or professional and this is just me sharing my personal experience. I did reach for help,…

I attended the Blogosphere Magazine Awards 2018 and here is how the night went, told by me ! Red Carpet, delicious food, goodie bags, formal dresses, awards, emotions... Everyone felt like in a dream, and here's why. Definitely worth going !

Blogosphere Magazine Awards 2018 Last Friday Night, I attended the Blogosphere Magazine Awards. Blogosphere Magazine is a paper magazine about the influencer world, including blogging, YouTube, social medias…