About The Blog

“Je Serai Reine”  wait, what ?


When I was 18 years old (2012), I was dealing with severe depression. I went through hell and back, and when I thought I was done with it, I decided to create a blog to cheer myself up.

As the big dreamer that I am, I called it “Un Jour Je Serai Princesse” which means “Someday, I will be a Princess”. After a few weeks, I let it down, because I felt like it was too much, and too soon for me. I was not feeling good or confident enough to take care of a website at this time of my Life.

But today, as I am 25 years old, I went through a lot and most of all, learned from it, and I feel ready to speak up. As I am becoming a woman, I decided to “come back” to the internet as “Un Jour Je Serai Reine” which means “Someday, I will be a Queen.

But, as it was a little bit too long to remember when you don’t speak/read French, I thought I would only keep “Je Serai Reine” (“I Will be a Queen”).

It truly reflects the idea of growing up into something beautiful, to me.

Why This Blog ? 


While growing up, I went through tough situations. “As everyone” you tell me. Exactly ! And I feel like I reached a point where I want to stand up. I want to stand up for the people who cannot cheer themselves up. I would especially say for women, since I am becoming one. But I hope I will have an impact on as many people as possible. 

I had a hard time growing up as a woman for some reasons. I suffered a lot, and today I decided that it’s time to help those people who cannot dare to speak, by speaking, and using my words, my voice, my ideas. I realized that I went through difficult situations to make a difference in this World.

I keep telling myself that if it can help people and change things, then I am not afraid to talk about my issues. Because talking shouldn’t be something scary. People shouldn’t be ashamed to feel what they feel, or to experience what they experience(d). I will try to do my best to show everyone it’s possible to overcome any situations in Life, and become whoever you want to be. 

As I said, I had a hard time accepting to grow up and to become a woman. I have always been afraid of growing up, and I always felt like an outsider, a misfit. I always wanted to be a “Princess” and I never wanted to become a “Queen”. But I realized today it is part of Life to grow.

As I had to figure it all by myself, and I  had a hard time talking about it all for many years, I want to be the one people turn to, when they don’t know who to talk to (or who to read). I have been in silence for too many years and I regret it for a few reasons, but today it’s time to accept the past, and make the best of the Present, for a better Future. 

To sum it up, I want to help women especially, but anyone who has been through tough situations and felt (or still feel) like they can’t grow up while carrying their past. I want to help anyone feeling like a misfit, who has big ambitions but feel like they cannot achieve them (which is not true !). My main goal is to inspire you to unleash your inner Queen/King, and build your own Empire. No matter your background, your past, no matter anything, you can definitely turn your life around, get your power back, and shine. My blog is a way to channel all of it.  

Why in English ? 


I am originally from France, but I decided to write in English, because my aim is to help and entertain as many people as possible. Which means all around the World (well, at least the Blogosphere World) ! And I love this language so much, this is then a great exercise for me. I hope I won’t make too many mistakes ! I decided to keep my blog name in French though, to add that “French touch” everyone love 😉