About The Blog

“Je Serai Reine”  wait, what ?


When I was 18 years old (2012), I was dealing with severe depression. I went through hell and back, and when I thought I was done with it, I decided to create a blog to cheer myself up.

As the big dreamer that I am, I called it “Un Jour Je Serai Princesse” which means “Someday, I will be a Princess”. After a few weeks, I let it down, because I felt like it was too much, and too soon for me. I was not feeling good or confident enough to take care of a website at this time of my Life.

But today, as I am 24 years old, I went through a lot and most of all, learned from it, and I feel ready to speak up. As I am becoming a woman, I decided to “come back” to the internet as “Un Jour Je Serai Reine” which means “Someday, I will be a Queen.

But, as it was a little bit too long to remember when you don’t speak/read French, I thought I would only keep “Je Serai Reine” (“I Will be a Queen”).

It truly reflects the idea of growing up, to me.

Why This Blog ? 


While growing up, I went through tough situations. “As everyone” you tell me. Exactly ! And I feel like I reached a point where I want to stand up. I want to stand up for the people who cannot cheer themselves up. I would especially say for women, since I am becoming one. But I hope I will have an impact on as many people as possible. 

I had a hard time growing up as a woman for some reasons. I suffered a lot, and today I decided that it’s time to help those people who cannot dare to speak, by speaking, and using my words, my voice, my ideas. I realized that I went through difficult situations to make a difference in this World.

I keep telling myself that if it can help people and change things, then I am not afraid to talk about my issues. Because talking shouldn’t be something scary. People shouldn’t be ashamed to feel what they feel, or to experience what they experience(d). I will try to do my best to show everyone it’s possible to overcome any situations in Life. 

As I said, I had a hard time accepting to grow up and to become a woman. I have always been afraid of growing up. I always wanted to be a “Princess” and I never wanted to become a “Queen”. But I realized today it is part of Life to grow.

As I had to figure it all by myself, and I  had a hard time talking about it all for many years, I want to be the one people turn to, when they don’t know who to talk to (or who to read). I have been in silence for too many years and I regret it for a few reasons, but today it’s time to accept the past, and make the best of the Present, for a better Future. 

To sum it up, I want to help women especially, but anyone who has been through tough situations and felt (or still feel) like they can’t grow up while carrying their past. I will talk about everything that matters to me, wether it’s a game or a song, an artist or a dress, a make up product or a fashion trend, and I will try to inspire. I will also talk about more serious topics such as bullying, depression, self-confidence, anxiety. I just need to write down my thoughts, no matter what they are made of, as too many of them are wandering in my mind for too long now. My blog is a way to channel all of it.  

Why in English ? 


I am originally from France, but I decided to write in English, because my aim is to help and entertain as many people as possible. Which means all around the World (well, at least the Blogosphere World) ! And I love this language so much, this is then a great exercise for me. I hope I won’t make too many mistakes 😉