About Me

Wait, are you wearing your invisible crown ? 

Yes : Then keep reading, this blog is for you !
No : Then keep reading as well, and you will feel like your crown is back 😉

When it comes to me, I am wearing mine, everyday. Yes, I am a Princess, Princess Estelle. At least, I like to believe so. Not because I am a narcissist, but because we all deserve to feel this way. I grew up being bullied and not so confident. I also had difficulties to find a way to grow into the woman I am today. From where I stand at 24 years old only, I feel like it is time for me to make a change.

I would like to share with you, Princesses, how (I try) to become a Queen, so that we can all believe we do have an invisible crown on the top of our beautiful heads !

I am passionate about so many things, that you can’t really get to know me until you actually follow my journey.

Here are a few topics I do love : Fashion, Music, Beauty. And so much more. I am also a Geek. I love playing video games. I love Harry Potter, Disney (of course, I am a Princess, ha!) I love traveling. I am craving Adventures. I want to wander and discover the World. I am a dreamer !

Oh, I have a passion for Astronomy. When you realize the beauty of our Universe, you realize how beautiful you can also be. How much you matter as a single human being. After all, we are all made of Stardust, even with a tiny percentage. And, who doesn’t love staring at the Stars ?

Why should you follow my journey ?

You are reading the right blog for you, if you can relate to at least one of these affirmations :

You love Fashion / Beauty

• You want advices, tips and tricks
• You want to know more about these topics/read reviews before buying
• You want to get updates about the latest trends/brands

You have been dealing with similar issues as I have

• And you want to build self-confidence again
• You want to make peace with the past
• You want to live happily ever after 

You are a Dreamer

• And you do have a huge imagination
• You want to escape your reality for a second
• A lot is going on in your head 24/7

You are a Princess / Queen (and I know you are)

• You want to keep your invisible crown forever
• You want everyone to treat you as the Princess / Queen you are

(Bonus : if you are a crazy little weirdo as I am, we were meant to be friends!)
(Bonus #2 : If you also have a “Villain” side, then that’s the right blog for sure !)


Why am I pretending I can help you ?

Because I am passionate and determined. Of course, I cannot pretend I am an expert for every topic I will discuss, and I will actually learn though out the way with you too ! But what I can promise, is to pour my heart into everything I will write/say.

It is great to have your family and friends to advice you, for whatever you need their advices for, but it is also great to know the point of view of someone who can actually relate and is passionate about all of the above.

When it comes to Fashion, in my early years, I never thought I would create a blog about it because, as I told you earlier, I have been bullied, and appearance was one of my bullies’ main criteria. I didn’t take any fashion lessons or courses, I don’t have any fashion related degree either.

Although, a while ago, I got a job as a sale associate for a brand I truly hold in my heart : Ted Baker. And you want to know the truth ? I am in love with my job. It actually inspired me so much to create this blog. When I started, I did have a training to improve in this job position, and since then, I like to believe I did improve, indeed ! That is why now, I feel ready to take care of my blog with passion, and… Maybe a bit of knowledge 😉 ! You probably will find a bit of Ted Baker here and there, since my job does inspire me everyday to write.

Talking makeup, I already did take some lessons. Not so many times, but I had the privilege to get advices from talented people in this industry, and I feel lucky. I also love sometimes helping my friends doing their makeup for particular occasions. Then I would lie if I told you I don’t like watching YouTube tutorials, and that is why…. I am also launching my YouTube Channel ! If you want to know more about it, just click here (and don’t forget your crown on this page) !

So, what are you waiting for to join my royal family ?

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