“Estelle is passionate about everything she undertakes.” 

Originally from Paris, France, My name is Estelle, and I am 25 years old. I have worked in retail in the fashion and beauty industry for the past 2 years with brands I was genuinely fascinated by. After many years of thinking about it and wanting it, I decided to open my own blog and share my experiences and my journey through discovery of the World. Fashion, Travel, and everything I am learning all along the process of growing up and living, are my daily inspirations. 

By the age of 21, after going through several mental disorders, I decided to stop my English studies (Language, History & Literature), leave Paris behind me and move to London, England, where I am now based. 

Passionate about so many things (Fashion, Travel, Wellbeing, History, Astronomy, Photography/Video Editing, Art, Music and more), my blog is a way to channel all of these ideas going through my mind all the time. This is like my therapy. You can read more About The Blog here

I grew up being a professional night and daydreamer, thinking that one day I would own my own business and constantly create. I describe myself as really artistic with a lot of imagination : I always need and crave creating, drawing, painting, writing songs/texts, composing Music (I sing, I used to practice the guitar and the harp), etc. I also used to practice Ice Skating, which I describe as the “physical aspect of my creative side” : I needed to put all of this Art in me, in a sport that I am in love with. 

I am always craving knowledge and I love sharing everything and anything I am learning along the way.

Through the years, I gained experience in the fashion and beauty industry through jobs, trainings and by genuinely wanting to always learn more about it. This is why I love putting it all in one place : my very own blog, a tiny representation of who I am, while trying to be as true to myself as possible.

How & Why Fashion Helped Me Growing Up