What Being a Princess Means To Me : Welcome To Je Serai Reine 3.0.

What Being a Princess Means To Me : Welcome To Je Serai Reine 3.0 

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“Beyond my personal fashion, lifestyle and Mental Health blog, Je Serai Reine is a now community. Feel free to join the journey !” 

Royal Blood ?   —————————————————————————————————————————————————–

As much as I know I don’t have Royal Blood running through my veins (well, who knows ? I still haven’t finished my Family Tree… Maybe someday I will come across my real title…), I have always loved imagining I do. Not because I am a narcissist (you can read more on this here), but simply because the idea always fascinated me.

Now, if you are coming from Royalty (and you somehow ended up on my blog…), don’t get me wrong. I am not stating your life might be perfect and absolutely beautiful nor easy. And from what I read so far during my free time since I am passionate about Royalty, I could honestly affirm : I would probably HATE being a real Princess. Or Queen. Or Duchess, or any other possible and imaginable royal titles there are. (If you know me, reading this from me might be shocking. Wait for it !)

 —————————————————————————————————————————————————– Rule Breaker

Why ? Simply because I love breaking the rules. I am not a bad gal, and I never broke the law. But I also love doing whatever I want to, what makes me happy, free, and what my heart tells me to do. Having to follow a protocol would probably drive me crazy. Hey, why do you think I love blogging and I love thinking that someday, I could have my own business, and be an entrepreneur ? Because I love creating my rules. My protocol. My Empire.

So, what’s it about « Je Serai Reine » ? Why do I keep saying I am a Princess, or at least, that I have an invisible Crown ? What’s my goal here on the online world ? What does « Being a Princess » truly mean in my own terms, and what does it have to do with YOU ?

“You have the power to be meaningful, and that’s worth a thousand other powers.”

Outside Of The Box

Let’s be honest. If we don’t go into the details of what being a Monarch must imply, I have to admit I cannot resist imagining myself wearing sophisticated outfits by day, and sumptuous ball gowns by night, topped with an astonishing tiara made of the most exquisite and rarest gems coming from all around the World.

Furthermore, I have a huge interest in Castles. Whether they are in ruins and the walls could tell mysterious and ghostly stories if they talked; or they are in perfect conditions with luxuriant stairs made of gold, magnificent sparkling chandeliers and classical music whispering to your ears while stepping your Cinderella feet into the glass ball room.

To sum up, any Castles on Earth has the power to make my mind wander. Like Anastasia (the motion picture movie) when she steps into the Catherine Palace ball room in St Petersburg and instantly gets flashbacks of her past. Even though she doesn’t know she is a Princess at this time of the movie, she can still picture it because her surroundings fascinate her. She feels like a Princess.

Think About It

 Do you think you would have loved being a real Monarch ? If not, what does being a Princess/Prince (or King/Queen) inspire you today ? Would it make you feel powerful in any ways ? Just imagine yourself for a second being part of a Royal Family. Who are you ? The perfect Monarch, or the Rule Breaker

Into Deep

Now, if you think about it. Being a Monarch means you have a protocol to follow. Rules to obey. People to please. Things you cannot do freely like anyone else. You are exposed to the public eye no matter what you say or do, and so on. I am not sure about it being easy all the time, if I am being honest with you. Am I not right ?

So, If you don’t take in consideration the true meaning of what being a Princess/Queen means, then, what does it truly mean to me, and to you ?

You Are Powerful

First of all, being a Princess means being powerful. Not in terms of what you can control around you, but in terms of what you do control WITHIN you. You have the power to change lives. Starting with yours. You have the power to be meaningful, and that’s worth a thousand other powers.

Think about Lady Diana, even after she divorced Prince Charles, therefore her royal duties were finished, she was still a Princess at heart. In fact, she was even more a Princess. Because she devoted her entire life to be helpful and meaningful to others.

She knew how much of an impact her image and actions had on people’s lives, and she used it in the best way she could. She took advantage of her power. She spent her time working for charities that mattered to her, she stood up for many causes, and she moved mountains. Did you know though, that underneath it all, she was depressed ? Yet nothing stopped her.

Take it as a proof anything is possible. Even better, take it as an example.

Find Your Inner Harmony

I believe that before being able to help others, one needs to first be at peace, and find harmony in themselves. Which is the process I also picture in the sentence « I am a Princess becoming a Queen ». A Princess who finds herself and who finds her inner peace can therefore become a powerful Queen. Because as soon as she managed to heal herself, nothing else can break her.

Of course, anyone have ups and downs in Life. But I am not stating a Queen won’t have downs anymore. A Queen will overcome these downs, thriving even more gracefully each time she does. And that is the essence of what makes her a Queen. She knows herself, her limit (in fact, she doesn’t have any), her value, and her worth. And she knows how to use it to be meaningful and powerful.

“I want to create a place where we can all support each other to become everything we’ve ever wanted to be, without letting anything stopping us.”

Je Serai Reine 3.0.

That’s what I mean, when I say « Je Serai Reine ». 10 years from now, I was that little shy girl, front row in classrooms because I wanted good grades in any lessons. I looked nothing like a Princess even though I dreamt of being one (already). I had a few friends only and most of us were getting bullied. I felt severely depressed, anxious, and different from everyone.

I hated the idea of getting a job, and the idea of getting my driving licence. I was an outsider within my Family as much as within my friends. Then I grew up wanting to build that rebellion that was boiling in me. I ended up hating school. I started having really bad grades, to the point I almost stopped going to high school. I hated anyone and everyone, because anything would remind me of how different I was feeling inside. 

” More than just only about me, it’s about you, it’s about the next person, it’s about us. I want you to always feel like you are wearing your invisible crown.” 

But Being Different is a Strength. — That’s What Je Serai Reine Is About. 

Yet today, all I want to be is an inspiration, and show you that no matter your background, you can strive at anything you decide to. You can achieve all the challenges you set yourself, and you can become whoever you dreamt of, or wanted to be. It is never too late you change your Life. Being different is what made me create Je Serai Reine.

If you feel different from anyone else then, great. Use that as a power and a strength. You are a Princess/King in formation, on your way to the throne of success. And you will reign on your Empire that you built. On. Your. Own. Because you are Enough.

So, Je Serai Reine, beyond being my personal lifestyle, fashion and wellbeing blog, is now a community where you can feel – and be – yourself (and by that I mean, your true self). I want everyone to support each other on their way to their Throne, and I want you to be inspired.

Whether you are depressed or not, dealing with anxiety or anything else similar to it, keep believing in those big dreams and ambitions. You kept them inside for way too long. Look at your beautiful self in the mirror, and proudly affirm « Je Serai Reine ! » (or « Roi »(« King »)). You’ve got this !


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