Inspiration — “The Big Things.”

Tower Bridge Photos : Angélique — Photos : Pexels Royalty Free Images & Pixabay — Dress : Missguided 

I just finished a book written by one of my favorite influencers (blogger and YouTuber) : Natacha Birds. 

 She wrote a book about Inspiration, and it’s everything I have ever been looking for. My favorite colors being purple and pink, I could only fall in love with her Universe. She describes everything so magically and beautifully, like the words she used were made for her book. 

 And above all, the topic itself resonated in me. As a blogger and content creator (if I can call myself so ?), I am always on the hunt for inspiration. Even in life in general, I am craving new inspirations, I am craving Art. I love getting lost in my own fantasy world. 

While enjoying this book, I wanted to write a blogpost using these Tower Bridge pictures, but I didn’t have that much inspiration. I love when pictures provocate something in me. When they tell a story. When they transport me somewhere. But when it comes to these ones, no matter how happy I am with their results, I couldn’t find anything inspiring to acompany them. 
And then, it clicked. Natacha wrote “It’s in different shades and small gaps between colors that you can find inspiration and emotions.” And the blue color of my dress reminded me of the ocean. Of the Sky. Of Dior “Joy” advert. It reminded me of Elsa in Frozen. And then Jasmine. And Cinderella. And so one. So many things came up to my mind just by looking at the color blue.

What I mean here is, you can always find inspiration in every little aspect of Life. In the smallest of details that could seem meaningless to someone who doesn’t care about attention to detail, yet would mean the world to the ones craving the beauty in everything surrounding them. 

When it comes to me, I told you, I crave Art. I love drawing into beautiful things (to my eyes) until it leads me to create my own vision. Whenever I feel like I cannot find inspiration, I let inspiration find me. Sometimes raw, sometimes meticulously finished. 

That is why while lacking inspiration lately, I decided to write a blog post about everything I take inspiration from when I need it, that I will call here “The Big Things” (though they need a bit more in depth explanation.) 


When I say “Big Things”, it doesn’t mean it has more importance than the “Little Things” in Life. In here, I am more talking about things I cannot really reach, like things I cannot afford, but I still find inspiration in them.  Or things that I consider as Art.
For example, in here you won’t have “Nature”, although Nature is such an inspiration, an Art, AND it is such a “big” thing about Life. But Nature is so raw, all around us and reachable for any of us, that I won’t put it in this category.  No need to write about how inspirational Music, Nature, Astronomy, Colours, Experiences and People are to me. Even Books, Poems, Art in general, History and so much more. But here, let’s talk about “The Big Things”.

I have always had a taste for Luxury. Take it as you want, but I cannot deny it, the little Princess in me has always been fascinated by everything that sparkles or shines. By everything that looks like it has been made by fairies. Long princess dresses with details that took thousands of hours to craft, fine jewellery coming straight from another planet, Castles of wonders; you get it, the list can be long. 

I remember when I was 17 years old, I used to spend my night on Tumblr, scrolling through images of Luxure. Dresses, Castles & Villas, Gems, Evening Gowns, Crowns, etc. So much that I got depressed because of it. I told my best friend (her blog) “Why do I like everything expensive… ?” and I remember meaning the question like the Stars mean to shine at night. I was really concerned about it and I even felt bad about it. I felt “arrogant”.

My best friend simply replied “Because you are a Golden Girl.” And she meant it, too.

Trust me or not, but since then, these simple words still follow me pretty much every day in my Life (and I cannot thank you enough, my dear Lucie). I believe liking “expensive things” doesn’t mean you are disowning the simple beauties in Life.

When it comes to me, it probably simply comes from my love for fairytales, princess stories, and everything related to it. I love colors, I love sparkles, and I love dresses. So if you combine it, it will result to (unfortunately for me !) “big things” such as Haute Couture, Fine Jewellery, etc. 

Fair enough I cannot afford them, but just by looking at them and reading their stories, or even watching videos about how they were made, gets me SO inspired. It is simply so beautiful it cannot stop my mind from wondering, AND wandering. Sometimes even the story behind the creator is inspiring. 

1) Haute Couture 

So, as I said, I’m guilty for having a taste for Haute Couture. Nothing arrogant, nothing superficial, I just believe Haute Couture has something so exceptional that I find inspiration in it. Obviously I am not inspired by each and every Haute Couture brand, but some of them send me to another dimension just by admiring the beauty of their details. 

As a perfectionist, and someone who “suffers” from different forms of OCD for years now, I tend to pay attention to the smallest of details ever. That’s the thing about Haute Couture. Again, I am not saying any prêt-à-porter, street fashion brand is not paying attention to the detail. Haute Couture is just a different level. 

Just take a few minutes to watch this kind of work, and if you are sensitive to fairytales like me, you will get my point. I have always been struggling expressing this love I have for Haute Couture, because of the fear of being judged. I am not stating everything else is irrelevant (in fact I cannot even afford one small piece of Haute Couture anyway ahahah!).

It is all about the colors, the fabrics and materials, the creation process, the poetic meanings, the way it also follows some History rules sometimes (and sometimes not at all, which makes it interesting too !); that captivate me and feed my love for Princess-related things. It just transforms the world surrounding me, into a bubble of dreams. 

I love creating mood boards, I love fashion sketching, I love adding exceptional pieces and beads to clothes, and I love extravagant. What I love most, is seeing what inspired the creator to craft one piece of Art. It shows me you can start from scratch, with just a small sketch or even idea, and end up with a masterpiece of a dress. It shows everyone can create wonderful things. 

“Haute couture consists of secrets whispered from generation to generation. If, in ready-to-wear, a garment is manufactured according to standard sizes, the haute couture garment adapts to any imperfection in order to eliminate it.”  — Yves Saint Laurent

2) Fine Jewellery

As much as I love finding inspiration in high-end pieces of clothes, I also have a love for fine jewellery (but still cannot afford it, eh!). I mean I always loved jewellery anyway (Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend, right 😉 ?) even the ones I can afford (lucky for me I still love these ones too eheh!). 

But recently I started growing a passion for fine pieces of wonders. Colorful, sparkling, details that could blind you, etc : you find back all my criteria to make me fall in love with them. 

There is a specific watch that I had my eyes on for years now (and I will forever, without being able to own it probably) : This “Planetarium” watch by Van Cleef & Arpels. As an Astronomy lover, this piece of Art transports me to another Galaxy. One thing I love about Fine Jewellery when it comes to watches : they don’t actually call them “watches”, but Timepieces. And this word is so much more poetic. A Timepiece. A piece of Time on your wrist. Just the word itself inspires me already. 

I love watching videos about the process of creation for one piece of jewellery such as a ring or a brooch (and why not a Tiara ?). And here again, the inspirations or stories (History related or not) that helped the creator to come to this work of Art, leave me breathless.

How can I not have goosebumps when seeing a dazzling necklace with hundreds of different shades, especially when I learn the enchanting Princess story behind it ? How can I not be transported to another country while admiring the beauty of those gems coming from all around the World ?  As long as it fills me with all sorts of emotions, I know jewellery will always inspire me when I feel stuck. 

“Jewellery is something that has to do with emotion.” — Ann Demeulemeester 

3) Fabergé Eggs 

Still in the theme of Fine Jewellery, have you ever heard of the Fabergé Eggs ? I bet you did. My passion for it dates back to my early years. First, you have to know they come from Russia, and I have a huge love for Russia since the beginning of times… No seriously, I am fascinated by the Russian culture and History since I am approximately 9/10 years old. 

The Fabergé Eggs were created by Peter Carl Fabergé, and his eggs are famous because they were made for the Imperial Family of Russia. 

I used to have a replica of a Fabergé Eggs that my Mum got me around that time. She once accidentally broke it, and my heart broke with it (sorry Mum, I love you !) and 15 years later, I am still fascinated by them. I think it comes from my love for History in general, and most specifically Royal History, since again, they were made for the Russian Tsars of the Romanov Dynasty. 

So, the pattern is here again : Sparkling, colorful, story telling, gems, transporting you to another culture, and mysterious (because they hid some surprises inside them) : I can only fall in love with it, and get inspired.  

The House of Fabergé was founded in 1842 in Russia. 

“We shall draw from the heart of suffering itself the means of inspiration and survival.” — Winston Churchill 

I have way many more sources of inspiration, and I cannot wait for you to discover them through my blogging journey. Until then, I hope you understood my point of view on the “Big Things”, and I hope I spread a little bit of sprinkles, pixie dust and inspiration all over you. If these don’t inspire you, take the time to find what your “world” is made of. What does inspire you ? What do you want to create around you ?  Thank you for reading me. 💙

This post is not a sponsored post. I use some affiliate links for my blog, but in case of any collaborations or sponsoring content, I will always state it clearly for the reader to trust me entirely.


This post is not a sponsored post. I use some affiliate links for my blog, but in case of any collaborations or sponsoring content, I will always state it clearly for the reader to trust me entirely. 

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