You Are Your Own Hero & Here’s Why

As my blog name says, “Je Serai Reine” (“I Will Be a Queen”), I love everything related to fairytales, princesses, queens, etc. I grew up loving princess stories and I am a huge Disney fan. So naturally, I grew up wanting that said fairytale, find my prince or my hero, and live happily ever after.

 But as I grew up more, dum dum dum… I realized it is not as easy as that. Really perceptive, Estelle ! But for real, I just realized obviously you need to keep believing in your dreams and in yourself. But at the same time, you need to work for whatever you want. I learnt that of course you can achieve anything, but you have to count on yourself first. Most of all, I learnt that : You are your own Hero. And Here’s Why.

You Are Your Own Hero & Here's Why

Make it Happen

That said, it doesn’t mean you don’t need people’s kind help, advices and hands. It is more than welcome, and these people in your life are to cherish forever. But what I am trying to say, is that no one is going to make it happen for you.

As an example, I used to dearly want to become a singer. Somehow, I know it is still somewhere in my heart. But, let’s face it : I am not working for it. I stopped my singing lessons ages ago (and I can count them on one hand anyway). I am not posting covers, I don’t write songs as often as I used to when I was 16 years old.

And at that time, I used to think someone would come knock at my door and offer me a huge contract with a Music Record Label. Well… Almost 10 years later and I am still waiting !

(But, I promise someday I will post videos of me singing… Wait for it…)

No One Will Do The Job For You

So basically, no one is going to do the job for you. And, good news : that’s the best part of it. It means you are the boss of your own life, your own goals and dreams. It sounds a little bit cliché, but trust me, it is true. People can advise you as much as they want on how to start anything, but only YOU can do it if you want to call it your success.

Again, help is more than important, and the people in your life who are pushing you to your best version of yourself are golden. Those who stayed through ups and downs. But it doesn’t mean you cannot do it. People will support, and this is amazing. But if support is needed, then work is too. And work comes from you.

You Are Your Own Hero & Here's Why

You Got it From Day One

I am currently reading a book called Be Your Own Fairytale by Alison Davies, and I am learning a lot from it. It is explaining that everything you learnt in fairytales when you were younger had an impact on your life today. Or at least, these fairytales were read to you for a reason (even if your parents didn’t know it).

In fact, you could learn a lot from your favorite heroes and characters, and their behavior or acts. The good ones, as much as… the baddies. You probably didn’t even notice that you took from some of these characters. 

We reflect a lot what we see around us on a daily basis. So if you got inspired by a character (or person) when you were a toddler, it might still be somewhere in your mind. Or at least it did guide you at some point, and led you where you are today.

You Can Save Yourself

Most of the time we are waiting for someone to save us, and it works for Mental Health as well : Even if you need help, and help is always a good thing, you are the one who has to do the work. 

It means it might be difficult at some point (that is why not being alone and having help is key). But it also means the outcome will be even more rewarding, and you will feel even prouder of yourself.

When it comes to love, sometimes we tend to think we absolutely need someone. But trust me, you are enough on your own. Eventually someone will love you for who you are, and you will love them back. BUT none of you both need each other. It’s helpful, but not the key to everything in your own life. You are the center of YOUR Life.

You Are Your Own Hero & Here's Why

You Are Enough On Your Own

I just bought myself a Pandora Princess Ring I wanted for many years. And I remember telling friends or even myself that I wanted a man to buy it for me someday. But then I came to the point I didn’t want this to happen.

Why ? Because I can buy it for myself, that’s it ! And because, if it ever ends up wrong with him…. I still want to wear my ring eheh 😉 ! Buying it for myself is like telling myself “you are enough on your own, and you are your own Princess.” (or Queen)

(This is not a partnered post, I just genuinely love my ring ahahah !) 

It’s exactly what inspired me to write this blog post, to be totally honest with you. It came out of a ring I had my eyes on since the first day I saw it, a few years ago. And most specifically because I bought it for myself. I am enough on my own, and you too. Don’t wait for anyone to do it for you. You can do it better.

You Are Your Own Hero & Here's Why

You Are Your Own Hero & Here's Why

You Are The Main Character Of Your Life… 

I also have a tattoo coming from the game “The Legend of Zelda”. It represents Navi, the main character’s (Link) fairy, who guides him through his life adventure. I love dressing up as Princess Zelda, but eventually I realized I didn’t need saving from a hero. 

I am my own hero on an adventure, and that is why I have my own fairy to guide me through Life. And you too, you are the main character of your own Life, and no matter how many guides and helps you get, remember that without you, there’s no Adventure… 

…And Your Own Hero Too. 

How exciting is an adventure game or movie ? Well, think of your Life as an adventure, and you are the main character. Now make it happen. What you aim for. There is no adventure without a hero. And if your life is one big adventure, then you are the hero too. 

And if you start doing baby steps towards your goals believing you can, eventually you will not only win the game, but you will also realize that all this time : you were enough on your own. And you still are. You can save people, but mostly, you can save yourself. And make it all happen. By you, for you !




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