4 Lessons Moving To London Taught Me

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Today as I am writing, I am seating at the desk I spent 10 years of my life in my childhood room, near Paris, France. I came back “home” yesterday (What’s Home though ?) and I am staying here for a whole week. 

 And coming back “home” made me confirm something I kind of started to realize earlier this year : I love London. Wait, no. I love what I created for my Life in London. I love how my Life turned out to be lately (Okay, I might not affirm this everyday depending on my mood, but let’s pray this feeling will stay). 

 This tiny purple room reminds me of who I was before I left Paris behind me, and somehow it makes me appreciate who I am now in London. I can see how much I stayed true to myself and my dreams. I can be proud of myself, right ? 

So I thought I would write a post about what moving to another city taught me so far. I thought about doing so for a long time, and now is the right time. 


“It taught me Life can be difficult, but you have to follow your heart first, always.” 

No Dream is Too Big.

A few years ago, I was a big dreamer (and I still am, to be fair). I would spend my nights on my laptop, scrolling down on Tumblr and dreaming about a Life I didn’t have. It included moving to another city… And I always thought I would do it someday, while thinking I… would not do it. What I mean is, whenever you dream about something big, once it actually comes to your face, you don’t realize straight away, do you ? 

So, the day I thought “Okay, screw everything I have here, let’s move to London“, I didn’t really think twice about what I was about to do. It took approximately 10 days between the day I announced it to my Parents, and the day I actually moved. And that was it. What I was dreaming about for years and years, was just there in front of me. 

And it made me realize there’s no dream “too big”. Why moving to another city would be too big ? There’s always a way. If you want to do it, Jump. Take the leap. Life can be difficult, but you have to follow your heart first, always. 

You can always start back somewhere else.

No matter how “screwed up” your Life seems to be at the moment, of course it is really important not to avoid your problems. But, once you learn from your mistakes, you can always have a fresh start somewhere else, near or far from “home”. 

That said, it doesn’t mean again that you are denying your issues, it just means you try to find solutions step by step, and reset everything. And is there a better way to get your mind cleared, than by discovering a new city, new culture, new language eventually ? 

You won’t hide from your demons. 

As I said earlier, moving somewhere new doesn’t mean you deny or avoid your problems. In fact, I was depressed when I left Paris, and I thought moving to London would magically heal me, and make my demons disappear. 

Truth is… It made them grow even bigger in me. Not that moving to London was a bad idea, the whole point of this post is to explain why it was definitely not. It was actually probably one of the best decisions of my Life ever. 

But because by moving to London, I thought I was getting away from my mental health issues without having to take care of it… Well, it came right back at me. Indeed, my demons followed me. Because they were and are in me. So it might be logical that they moved with me the day I left Paris. 

Moving somewhere doesn’t mean you change who you are, your surroundings just completely change. But you stay the same. You might grow more independence, self-confidence (and some cooking skills too) and you might get a more open-minded spirit, though your thoughts stay with you, and that’s what made me realize I needed to take care of my mental health, rather than trying to move away from it. 

You won’t always like it 

You know when you are a teenager and you are dreaming about moving somewhere with city lights everywhere, new things to learn about and discover everyday, pretty places, adventures, etc. 

Well… Moving somewhere is not like this. At all. Or at least, let’s say it is not like this all the time. It won’t be easy everyday. You might miss your friends, your family, your “comfort zone” more often than you think. You will have to find a job, and it means some kind of a routine. You won’t always want to go outside and “discover the World”. 

In fact some days the only thing you will want is to stay in bed, do nothing productive (and just think about how you’re not doing anything special in this city). 

But this is part of the experience. We are not talking about going on holidays. Moving somewhere implies some responsibilities as much as the ones you might have had previously. 

And that’s what will make you like it, after all. Why ? Because you will realize how much you are capable of. Finding a new job, getting familiar with a new city, meeting new people, not getting lost when you take the tube, being independent; all of this is the beauty of moving somewhere else. (Yet don’t forget to visit your new city !) 



  1. 17 September 2018 / 19 h 46 min

    that’s so inspiring how quickly you made the move and how you followed your heart in doing so

    • Estelle
      18 September 2018 / 22 h 07 min

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read me Bryony ! And yeah it was quite scary but oh so worth it :’)

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