How an Ice Cream Taught Me a Lesson (yes)

A few days ago, I went with a friend to the Magnum Pop Up Store in Sloane Square, London. It was the perfect occasion to grab a pink ice cream before summer ends. If you want yours too, then hurry up, the store is open until the 16th September. 

When we all got scared summer was already at its end, the sun came back for a few more days, and it obviously meant ICE CREAM ! But who said we couldn’t mix it with Fashion ? 

You can either create your own style of Magnum, or choose between a few ones already styled, all of them inspired by the world of fashion, and by the attention to detail any artists must have.

Because Fashion also means being creative, you can be creative when making ice creams. That is why the store offers different Magnums : I chose the “Cannes Glam”, inspired by the famous French event. One is inspired by street arts, one by Rock Music style, and other ones by classic and beautiful chocolate recipes. Even Alexander Wang et Bella Hadid designed their own. What are you waiting for ?

While walking in London that night, I realized how soothing it is to take some fresh air in the city you live in. Whether you feel like you enjoy the city or not, there must be some places out there that you haven’t fully discovered yet, and where you will feel like you belong.

As much as I love Autumn and Winter, Summer has a healing je-ne-sais-quoi when it comes to evenings. I believe if you keep informed on what’s going on in your city, you will always find something to entertain you, which makes it easier to appreciate a place.

Because we all tend to crave traveling, but, what if we just started with what’s around ? So, tell me, what’s up in your city this week ?


I have always had a “Love/Hate Relationship” with London, that I will discuss more in another blog post. But it is in the simplest details and simplest of nights that I realize how much I love this city full of energy.  After all, where else would I be able to find a pink Magnum on a September evening ?

I guess I don’t have a lot to add there, appart from mentioning you can find peace in the smallest details. Walking around your city with a friend, an ice cream (okay, a pink one maybe ?), and some laughters. And you end up with a whole idea of a blog post, eh ! (This is not a sponspored post.)



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