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Lately I have been thinking a lot about what I want for my blog. I wanted a new design, and here it is. Je Serai Reine 2.0 ! I am so happy to introduce you to my fresh theme and new start with pipdig. All about the text, all about the pictures too, no in between, everything is so important ! 

In fact, it is crazy the amount of energy I put into my blog. So I thought : Where is this all going ? What’s the point of blogging ? 

Well, first, it is about sharing my thoughts and experiences in a corner of the internet that is just mine. Also, blogging means expressing who I am, and it means being creative with the design, the pictures, the posts, etc.

My blog is mine, so why have I stopped myself from posting because SEO rules were stressing me out ? Not enough text, not well structured posts, title not SEO friendly. Wait… Who cares ? After all, it kept me away from posting, so I might as well follow my own rules and… My heart !


“I love Blogging so much I could never stop, even if I need time to figure out what I exactly want.”

I took inspiration from a few bloggers I admire. HelloMissJordan inspired me a lot with her posts being exactly what she wants them to be. No need to follow any patterns. She just writes because she loves it and she is inspired, and inspiring. 

In The Frow must be one of my favorite bloggers and business woman as well. She stays so true to herself while having great content and keeps entertaining us on all platforms and social medias. 

Scarlett London inspired me with her theme and I tried as much as possible not to be a copy because that is not what I was aiming for. I just found myself so much in her blog theme : it reflected exactly what I was looking for.

And not only the theme, but the person inspired me because Scarlett has just been the target for many bullies, and I truly hope she will keep her chin up and her crown on top of her head. No one realizes the amount of work a blogger puts up. And no blogger (or no one in general) deserves this much negativity.

Pink Dont Care, You Should Do Whatever You Want To Do

I just realized it is 2018 (almost 2019, eh !) and I somehow still care about what people think. It can be a great thing because it means I will eventually pay attention to what my audience wants, but ultimately so far it has stopped me from blogging.

So I believe once and for all, I am going to do what I want to do. What I like, what I think, what inspires and motivates me.

As long as we respect each other, anyone should be able to do whatever the * they want.

                                               •  FASHION NOTE •

Doing what I want goes for my way of dressing, that I already discussed here. The more I grow, the more I like expressing myself with my clothes. 

That’s what happened with this last minute photoshoot with a friend when I decided to go all pink (again) and a little bit different from usual. You can find my trousers here, the pink top here, and my cardigan here.  

I changed my hair color a few weeks ago to a dark purple and I thought associating it with a lot of pink would just be “too much”. But to be honest I don’t think so, and after all, as long as I like it, who cares ? 


And now this cardigan has already become my best friend for Autumn (until I find the perfect cosy Winter coat). I cannot wait to style it into different outfits to share with you.  

When it comes to this pink crop top, I’m trying my best to wear it as much as I can before the cold hits us right in the face. For now, it is still accurate, and I am happy to slowly fall back in love with crop tops (I left them for a few years but a throwback never hurt anyone) ! 

Last but not least, these trendy trousers you’ve probably seen the whole summer in all possible colours. I had to go for a pink one obviously, although I just got a black one too because black is always a good idea in the wardrobe, isn’t it ? 

I believe it is really important to find your perfect size/fitting because mine seems a bit too big. So pay attention to that if you want to feel comfy !

Pink Dont Care, You Should Do Whatever You Want To Do

“I love going extra and being different. It means I can bring my own personality to the World.” 

Pink Dont Care, You Should Do Whatever You Want To Do



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