How & Why Fashion Helped Me Growing Up

How & Why Fashion Helped Me Growing Up

How & Why Fashion Helped Me Growing Up

Because I’ve been bullied on my way of dressing and looks, I used to think Fashion was superficial, and not necessary. It is still not “necessary” : you don’t need the last trend, neither do you need to buy new clothes all the time.

But I have to say fashion played an important part in my life while I was (and still am) growing up.

As I said, I used to be bullied in school because I was that girl without makeup, with a ponytail everyday and a old sweatshirt, and some dirty old sneakers my mom bought 2 years before. And to be frank, I didn’t even care being like this. It was totally fine. And it still is.

In high school and university, I still didn’t really care either. I didn’t need clothes to define who I was, and my mind was far away from that.

– When It All Started –

It’s only when I moved to London in 2014 that I started getting interested in Fashion. I could see so many different styles in the streets and it caught my eye. People were not afraid to show who they were.

When you think about it : yes, your style kind of defines you. I am not talking about affording expensive clothes, but just deciding which ones you like. Are you wearing pink every day (I do) ? Or dark colors are your go-to ? Are you wearing high heels or do you prefer going for comfortable shoes ? (Because let’s be honest, it’s hard finding comfortable high heels for a whole day. If you found some, please let me know) 

And if there is something I am sure about : Fashion helped me growing up. Again, I am not saying I need to buy clothes or wear the last trend. But lately I just got tired of wearing the same old clothes I am wearing for at least two years (if not more). It doesn’t really matter if it is your case, right ? But it made me feel like I was the same old girl that I was 2 years ago, when in reality, I changed SO much since then, in every part of my life.
How & Why Fashion Helped Me Growing Up

– Changing Your Style is Part of Growing –

How & Why Fashion Helped Me Growing Up

Something like 2 years ago I was severely depressed. I was confused and lost. I didn’t want to grow up, I wanted to look “cute” forever. I was Peter Pan. (No joke I might have had Peter Pan syndrome until recently !)

Looking like a chic business woman was appealing, but not for me. I was the little girl wearing cute dresses everyday, or even just wearing the same 3 shirts for a whole year. And I started to dislike it recently.

I am not stating the right way to go is looking like a business woman. But now, I am trying to be careful in what I decide to wear. I am doing it for me. Obviously some days I will want to wear a cute pink dress, but some other days (like exactly right now I am writing), I will want to go for all black and chic.

I went shopping 2 days ago, and I came back with outfits I would not think of having 2 years earlier. I tried them on, looked at myself in the mirror, and I thought “Wow, you look great. You look mature.” 

When all my life, I embodied my own image of a little cute girl. This time, I didn’t look cute. I looked like a grown-up woman. (Obviously don’t get me wrong, I am not saying both can’t come together, but it was just my opinion on my own self in that moment).

– You are So Many Versions Of Yourself – 

I started my previous job 2 years ago when I was embodying that “cute” image of myself. I was working for a womenswear brand I still love. I had to wear a uniform, and I had to change it quite often. When I started, I used to pick “cute” outfits. So much, that people started to picture me ONLY like this.

So when I started growing into someone else, and I wanted to wear more feminine or grown-up outfits, it seemed wrong for everyone. When it seemed so right for me. And I got really tired of this eternal image I was being given. I wanted to show I changed, and most importantly, I was not just “one” kind of outfits and personality. I was way more than that.

You might agree with me that you don’t dress the same when you are 15 years old than when you are 25 years old, or maybe 35, and so on. The same goes for your personality. Depending on your interests, your tastes, your life in general, you don’t dress the same during your whole life. And, obviously, you don’t dress like anyone else. And that’s what makes you… You !
How & Why Fashion Helped Me Growing Up

– Show Who You Are and Be Proud of It –

And there is nothing wrong with it. Show who you are, have fun with your style, and express yourself. That’s one of the best ways to be your true self. It will make you feel free, brand new, and sometimes a new start is all we need.

I needed it, and I am ready to change my wardrobe ! I feel so much better today and I feel like I want people to see it in my way of dressing : I am not scared of showing my true style, and my true self.

My style evolved with me, so while I am standing more and more for what I love, I am standing up for people to dress the way they want !

How & Why Fashion Helped Me Growing Up
How & Why Fashion Helped Me Growing Up

PINK JACKET : ZARA  (similar)


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