13 Little Things That Made Me Happier On a Daily Basis

13 Little Things That Made Me Happier On A Daily Basis

Coming from being severely depressed a few years ago (and still having my downs and demons), I needed to find things to help me get better and happier (appart from therapy, of course). At that time, I thought these 13 little things were stupid. I thought they would never make a difference. But when I think about it now, it changed everything for me. I can proudly affirm it today : it helped me considerably.

It costs nothing to give it a try, and see if it works for you too !

Obviously if you are suffering from depression or any other disorders, this won’t be the only help needed. I would advise you to reach professionals, I am no doctor or professional and this is just me sharing my personal experience. I did reach for help, and these 13 little activities and things I am sharing with you are bonuses I use today to keep feeling better on a daily basis. If you need more help, here are some phone numbers and addresses that could be right for you. You are not alone. 

– Here Are My 13 Things To Make Yourself Happier –

 1) Meditating 

This is probably the number one I thought would never help me. But when I was down in the dumps, I eventually gave it a go, because I kept hearing good things about it. And… I was surprisingly amazed by the changes meditating brought to my Life. It brought peace, less stress and more power of letting go. Also, you learn to appreciate every present moment, and I think it is fundamental for a better lifestyle and a happier life. 

2) Gratitude  

Every morning when I wake up, I ask myself this simple but effective question : “What am I grateful for today ? Name 3 things.” And it makes you realize that no matter what is going wrong in your life at the moment, you can always find 3 small or big details that make you smile, and eventually grateful you are still Alive. 

I know, I have been there, it can be tricky in the beginning, but if you give it a little think, you will find those 3 things, I promise.

13 Little Things That Made Me Happier On A Daily Basis

3) “3 Things That Went Well Today”

On the opposite side, every time I go to bed, I ask myself what went well on that day. No matter what went wrong or my mood, even if something really unexpected or negative happened, I push myself to find 3 little things that made me smile. Even for a second. It could be someone’s words, it could be having no alarm to set, or it could be that delicious meal you had. Simple, subtle, but effective. It makes you go to sleep on a happier and more positive note.

4) Music

Who never liked a bit of music, no matter their mood ? If you are sad, the solution is music. If you are happy, still music. Everytime I feel like I need a break, whether from work, or blogging, or anything else in general, I put on my headphones on, and I let my heart sing.

Also, some of my favorite Artists I follow for years now and grew up “with”, make me happier. To name a few, I feel Home when I listen to Celine Dion because I grew up listening to her everyday at home. Demi Lovato being a mental health advocate, helped me going through a lot of tough times. Some boybands made my heart sing so loud to cover my inner demons. See ? You always find inspiration in Music. Who’s your favorite artists ? Don’t they make you happy just with one song ?

13 Little Things That Made Me Happier On A Daily Basis

5) Dancing 

As it goes with Music, let’s talk about dancing. Whenever I am home and I feel like I need a little break from my own thoughts, alongside music there is Dancing. I love moving my body to the sound of my favorite songs, knowing no one is judging and there is no bad dancing moves. It makes me feel free, alive, and happier.

In a book I am currently reading and enjoying, Light is The New Black by Rebecca Campbell, there is this little paragraph when she explains the importance of dancing in your own room, without anyone seeing it. Just turn on the music loud, dance without rules, and let your body be free. Own the music, own your body.

13 Little Things That Made Me Happier On A Daily Basis

6) Hobbies (practicing something or doing Art)

I won’t stress enough the importance of having your own hobbies aside work. No matter your job, I recon you need hobbies. It keeps you entertained after work and it makes you love it more. How about practicing a sport, art, an instrument ? I used to practice ice skating and I miss it dearly. I am definitely thinking about going back to practicing. 

It gives you purpose, develop your skills and abilities, and it can distract you from your negative thoughts. It even helps you to express those said negative thoughts, maybe through Music or Art ? How many great paintings or songs come from a depressed soul ?

7) Traveling

Traveling changed my Life. I started traveling on my own when I was really depressed. It helped me free my mind, discover new passions for cultures and histories, and meet new people (when at that time, I refused to meet anyone). Traveling is so healing. It opens the mind on life. It makes you reflect on your negative thoughts.

Obviously I know we cannot always afford to travel. But I am not even talking about that luxury 3 weeks-trip to Los Angeles. Here I am talking about one day in a city near yours, or maybe even just your city. Are you sure you know everything about it ? Did you go to every corner of it ? I am sure you can take one day to wander around and get lost.

What I love about living in the United Kingdom, it is that there are so many beautiful cities one coach or train away. Let’s say you wake up a little bit early. You can then catch a coach in the morning, have a 3 hours journey to a complete different city. You can take some fresh air, and come back by late evening. How amazing and mind clearing is this idea ?

13 Little Things That Made Me Happier On A Daily Basis

8) Writing 

Writing is a good way of letting go everything out of your chest. Whether it is having a public blog, or maybe just a secret one. Maybe even a diary, like in the good old days ? When I was a teenager I used to have lots of personal diaries, and also a lot of blogs on the internet that no one would know about, so that I can just write for myself. I loved the feeling. Even reading them today can be really healing. You can understand a lot on yourself by reading through your old writings.

Because when you write for yourself, you know no one is going to judge you on your feelings and thoughts. And trust me, 2/3 years ago, I was so depressed that I could not think of talking to a therapist because I was ashamed of my feelings. Let’s not even talk about opening up to friends or family. It was not possible at that time for me. Writing was my only solution left, and it literally saved me.

9) Talking to your friends/loved ones 

Now, if you feel like you can actually open up to your loved ones, then why not ? If you love them, you know you can trust them, right ? So talking to your friends or family, or whoever you feel you can talk to without any judgments, can be helpful.  Some of them will have perspectives  on your situation you never thought about, and it will eventually and hopefully help you so much. Only if you feel ready though.

13 Little Things That Made Me Happier On A Daily Basis

10) Focusing on a project and sticking to it

It’s a little bit like having a passion or a hobby, but it can slightly be different. Do you have a goal ? A dream career ? A huge project ? Try to make a plan to reach this said goal, and it will eventually give you the strength to go on in Life. Whether it is just pushing you to your maximum, or making you discover skills you thought you didn’t have, there is always a good reason to plan a new project. And try to stick to it.

Wanting to start my blog has always been something that motivated me. And lately, every time I am feeling down, I try to focus on my goal and then my blog, and it helps me a lot. Bonus point : it makes me feel proud of myself ! 

11) Working Out 

This is maybe a tough one for some, if like me you can’t do squats for more than 10 seconds. A few years from now, people around me told me to start working out so I could get out a little bit of my depression. I hated hearing it. So I completely understand that any of these points I am sharing with you, can be more or less tricky when you are really depressed.

But I gave it go recently, and I realized how much it helps me to free my mind from some old demons. I remember I even started crying in the middle of one session. Not because I was physically tired, but because I realized the emotional and physical benefits I was gaining from it. It made me own my body, and made me feel clean and refreshed.

13 Little Things That Made Me Happier On A Daily Basis

12) Taking care of yourself / pampering yourself 

As much as working out is a way of taking care of yourself, there are other ways to do so. Because self-care is SO important (See here). Physically and mentally. The impact one day of pampering yourself or just relaxing can have on you is unbelievable. It could be a nice massage (not for me though, I hate massages, eek !) or a hot bath. Or maybe just taking five minutes in a day to think about what you need (like, what your body really NEEDS, and not what you want). It helps changing your mindset and gives you less stress from your busy life.

13 Little Things That Made Me Happier On A Daily Basis

13) Reading

Some of you might not like to read a lot. (But hey, aren’t you reading my blog right now ?) But reading can definitely help you to get a little bit happier. Whether it is your favorite type of novels or fictions, or maybe just a magazine, as long as you like the topic, I am 100% sure it will boost your mood a little bit. At least while you’re reading, because it will spark your interest long enough to distract you from your thoughts. And sometimes transports you to another dimension.

I used to hate reading for personal reasons and bad OCDs, but lately I tried to be more indulgent with myself, and I started reading a lot of inspirational and wellbeing books. And I can say it definitely helped me getting better. It also inspired me to keep on going with my blog !

– You Can Find Your “Happy Things” Too – 

I originally wanted to find 5 things that make me happier, but I ended up with 13 ones ! You see, if you really think about it, there are so many things that we are taking for granted, but actually make us happier in our everyday lives.

Obviously as said earlier, if you are struggling with any sorts of mental disorders and you need help, please think about reaching out to professionals. These tips here will eventually help, but you might need more from real professionals.

If you think you cannot ask for help just yet and you need time, these 13 things might at least improve your routine. Until you realize you are strong enough to reach for more help. And if you take 5 minutes to think about what makes you a little bit happier, I am pretty sure you can find some points of your very own.

So tell me : What about yours ? What makes you happier ?

13 Little Things That Made Me Happier On A Daily Basis

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