Mental Health Awareness : We’re All In This Together 

Mental Health is a really important and sensitive topic to me. I have been through enough to feel like I need and I want to spread awareness.

I believe there is a reason why I had to face all of this, and more specifically, why I made it through. When negative things happen to you, you have to turn it into better things. For yourself first, but eventually sometimes it will help and inspire others too.

I am not affirming it is an easy task to do, but tapping into the strength you have to achieve always more is such a rewarding journey. This is why I want to use my “power” to share my experience, journey to recovery, and my thoughts on mental health, mental illnesses and disorders, to reach as many people as possible.

– Be The Person You Needed When You Were Younger – 

When I was severely depressed 7 years from now, I was hoping to find someone on the internet who would speak out loud about mental illnesses. I want to be that person today. Think about when you started feeling depressed. What did you need ? Who  did you need ? And why ? Eventually, you will find the answers and realize that you can be that person too. For yourself, and for people around you. (Obviously we all need a little bit of help, but you have what it takes in you to get better. ) 

At that time, talking about all mental disorders kind of things was more tabou than it is today, and the only place to talk about it was on forums, where I felt like I had to hide from the world because of the shame and guilt of my emotions and feelings. Forums were great and helpful, but I truly felt like something was missing. Because going to forums was mostly people struggling with the same issues, which means no one out there knew about it. 

” Anyone around you can get affected by any mental disorders. Pay attention. ” 

Mental Health Awareness : We Are All in This Together

– More People Need To Know, Because It Can Affect Anyone – 

I am therefore deciding to stand up for it, but I am not only choosing “mental health” as my only one niche. I need people from different niches, backgrounds and platforms to hear about it. 

And most of all, I want everyone to be aware of what your mental state can involve in your life in general and your everyday life. Because it can affect anyone : you, me, your neighbor, your flatmate, your close friends, your family. How do you know it is not the case already ?

According to yourself, how many people around you, whether you know them a lot or not, you see it or not, are suffering from any mental disorders ? Think about it. When you get to know people more, you realize we all struggle with something. No matter how big it sounds to you, it can be huge for them.

It is definitely more common than we can see it. Some of my closest friends were depressed as well, or suffering from any other disorders : bulimia, self-harming, anxiety and more. Without anyone knowing. Not even me sometimes.

– You Can’t Always See It, It Doesn’t Mean It Is Not There – 

And that’s the point I want to make : You can’t always see it or prevent it. It exists more than we know. Any acts of kindness could help or even save someone. Be careful and pay attention.

Back to when I was depressed, most of my friends and family didn’t know it. Some of them even believed I was the happiest girl alive, when in reality I was fighting to stay alive.

I made a video about it and specifically on this point, so I am just going to share it here with you.

If you suffer from any mental disorders, you are definitely not alone in this (More Here), and you will get better. If I did it, I promise you you can do it too. I thought I would never get out of it, and today I am sometimes wondering where it is all gone. See, I did it !

Obviously it is a constant battle and I may not know when it might come back to me, but I am fighting for it not to, and I am proud of my path so far. You will too. 

(If you need help, here are a few numbers and addresses you can check. Consider seeing a therapist as well, I am just sharing my own point of view and experience, but I am certainly not a doctor.) 

Mental Health Awareness : We Are All in This Together

Mental Health Awareness : We Are All in This Together

“If I can do it, I believe anyone can make it through too. It is a constant battle.” 

Mental Health Awareness : We Are All in This Together




    • Estelle
      20 September 2018 / 14 h 15 min

      Thank you Hannah ! Mental Health is so important, I am really glad to see some people still pay attention to it :’)

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