Hello there ! Thank you for popping to my blog. Today, I would like to review my March 2018 Birchbox as I really enjoyed doing so for the previous month. Next time, I will try to do it earlier, as today is the 1st of April and I am posting about March… Oh well !

Mindfulness & Me Time Are Important

This month, Birchbox chose “Mindfulness” as the theme for their box. Once I got the news, I was over the Moon as I am more and more into learning about mindfulness and meditation lately.

We take it for granted too often, but “Me Time” is so important, and on a daily basis. Whether it is taking five minutes for you when waking up for meditation before checking your notifications, or maybe 15 minutes to read a book you like before bed. Or even taking a bath or shower while pampering yourself; all of these are truly important for you to feel happier and more relaxed everyday.

Find The Time For It

We tend to think or say that it is not important, or we don’t have time for it. But trust me, if you look closer you will definitely find those 5 minutes, sometimes wasted in checking your friends’ friends’ latest status on Facebook. After all, is what people do or post more important than yourself ? You should invest more time in your own wellbeing than in others’ “lives”.

This is why this March, I had the pleasure to discover a beautiful and relaxing design of the Birchbox (probably my favorite one so far), filled with 5 products especially there to remind us to take care of our own selves, and appreciate 10 minutes of “Me Time” whenever possible.

So, What’s In The March 2018 Birchbox ?

      1. The first product is a BLAQ Peel Off Mask. I was truly happy to get the chance to finally try a peel-off mask because I wanted to do so for ages. But I have to admit my first try was a bit of a mess. My skin turned red for the whole evening and it was hurting. I might have put too much, so I gave it a second try a few weeks later.  And I was a bit more satisfied ! But I guess I have a sensitive skin for this product, so I will probably just use it for the fun part of peeling it off…


      1. The second one was an Exclusive one for everyone who got the March Birchbox : Benefit BADgal BANG! Volumising Mascara. Okay. I could NOT wait for this one, as a HUGE lover of Benefit Cosmetics ! And… It breaks my heart to admit I am disappointed. Now, this is only my opinion, and I saw so many people sharing their happiness around this product, but I guess I need even more volume. My eyelashes are naturally quite straight, so maybe it isn’t just the right formula for me. But the excitement around it was not worth it to me unfortunately.What caught my attention, is thatthe brush of the Mascara is completely different from the real size of the original product. Which made me want to actually buy the real one, to properly test it…
        Anyone ? Did you get the real one and saw the difference ? Shall I buy it ? Or will I only get even more disappointed to spend money on something I knew I wouldn’t like ?Okay, I know I am not giving the best out of the first 2 products, but  lucky you (and me) the next ones are getting better scores from me.



      2. Third one on the list, GLAMGLOW Supermud Clearing Mask Treatment. At first, I was a bit disappointed to get two charcoal products. Especially because I didn’t have a great time testing the first one, which put pressure on this one.
        But I actually LOVED it. Find me weird or not, but I like it when my face gets covered in mud because I like the sensation of it. And I felt SO refreshed afterwards, so did my skin. I don’t have anything else to add on this one, it was a match for me !


      1. Second to last, the Amika Bombshell Blowout Spray. When trying it before blow-dry, I got super scared as I thought my hair was getting oily (when I just washed it). My first thought was “Oh my God what did you just do to my hair…. I hate you !” But while blow-drying, I realized I actually loved it. As you can read in my  February Birchbox Review, I am not a big fan of volume in my hair. So I was not expecting a lot from this one. But the result ended up pretty good and surprised me. I would recommend this product without hesitation.


    1. And last but not least… Rituals, The Ritual of Sakura Foaming Shower Gel. I literally FELL IN LOVE with this shower gel, and I HAVE TO get a new one because I obviously already finished mine. I think that’s when I truly felt the essence of this month’s Birchbox’ theme : “Me-Time” and Mindfulness.

      While trying it on, I felt completely relaxed and the smell of it is so pleasing. The soft texture gives a feeling of being stress-free. I pictured myself in a hotel bathroom on holidays, far away from work, stress, and problems. This product was a 100% my favorite one of the box.

I honestly cannot be happier that Birchbox chose Mindfulness, Self-Care and Me-Time as a theme for their Box, since this is becoming a huge part of my life lately. I would recommend anyone who feels like something is missing from their lives, to start taking care of themselves. Listen to their needs and listen to their body. It will change their lives/your life considerably.

What about you ? Have you tried a mindful life ? Do you feel like you take enough time
for yourself on a daily basis ? What would you like to do to take care of yourself more ?

Don’t forget you are important. ✨ 

March 2018 Birchbox Review, Mindfulness and Self-Care

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