Let’s Talk Makeup a little bit ?

     I have always been afraid of posting about makeup. (To be honest, if you read my previous blog posts, it seems like I am ALWAYS scared to post about EVERYTHING and anything ahahah!) Before reviewing my February Birchbox, let met tell you a little bit about my relation to makeup, and why I am a little bit scared to post this blog post.

     I think it comes from my early years in school/high school. I used not to wear any makeup, or maybe a little bit of lipstick once in a while. Back to when I was 14/15, to me, makeup was just not for me. And most precisely, not for my age. And at that time, I was bullied. Most of the time I was bullied by girls who would wear makeup. I mean A LOT of makeup.

     So unconsciously (and wrongly), I linked makeup to superficial traits. To me (again at that time) wearing makeup was just being fake and trying to hide yourself, especially if you were to bully people : you clearly wanted to feel better about yourself (mostly by trying to tear people down).

     When I got interested a little bit more in makeup (aka when I started having feelings for someone AHAHAH !), and I tried to prepare myself a little bit more in the morning before heading to school/high school, I admit it, I felt guilty. For the reasons I mentioned : I thought makeup was being fake. So I couldn’t understand why I wanted to wear some. Because I didn’t feel fake. And I was scared of what people would think. I didn’t want anyone to think I was the kind of girl I described. I was not one of them.

     But while growing up into a woman, I realized wearing makeup wasn’t about that. Wearing makeup is more like highlighting your beautiful natural traits. As one of my inspirations in makeup said : 

« I believe that all women are pretty without make up – but with the right make up can be pretty powerful. » — Bobbi Brown. (source

     And it kind of sums it up. You don’t need makeup to be or feel beautiful, and it is very important to accept yourself without any makeup on. But there is nothing wrong with a little bit of it ! And if you feel prettier with it, then go for it. Just don’t forget to love yourself first. Makeup is fun and is Art to me. Play with it as much as you want/need, but don’t forget that you are Art too, with or without it. 

February 2018 BirchBox Review : 90s Inspired Edition

     So, as I monthly receive my Birchbox, I decided to review the February one, as it inspired me to open up about my thoughts on makeup the way I just did.


     The theme this month is « Beauty Through The Decades », and we had to choose between 3 different styles : 70s, 80s or 90s. The choice was quite difficult because I am passionate about history and fashion and makeup trends in history, but I chose the 90s design for my box, because of my love for the 90s as I was born in 1994. I love that kind of days when I would just drown into old music from the 90s, old rock bands or singers, watching my favorite childhood cartoons or TV shows, while eating a big bowl of cereal as if they came straight from the past. 

     Back to the box, I am not disappointed at all ! The design of it is simply beautiful. I LOVE the vibe. I could honestly stare at it and be completely satisfied even without opening it. It also brought me back so many memories whether in Music, in TV shows and so on, as I just said. What were your favorite ones at that time ? 

     During the 90s, the makeup trends were simple : natural look OR grunge look. No in between. And if possible, brownish eye shadow to make it look a little bit more dramatic, but still natural. 

What Was in The Box This Month  ? 

    • This is why in this throwback box, the first exclusive item (and full-size) Birchbox gift us with is the Beauty Crop Eyeshadow Trio – Love You So Latte (shop here). And I am loving it. The three colours are simply really pretty, each one could be used alone, but combining two or all three together makes it even more beautiful and defined.
Two of them are also shimmery, and no matter how much I love matte makeup sometimes, I can’t resist glitter at all. All highly pigmented, they will stay on your eyelid the whole day, without leaking or becoming greasy on your eyelid.
When I tried it, I couldn’t stop staring at it on the mirror at work ! This product is a
yes for me.

     • The second product in the February’s Birchbox : ModelCo Green Concealer (shop here(full size again!). As I don’t really use foundation on a daily basis (but I do for special occasions sometimes), I have to admit I don’t really use concealer. I find myself lucky to have a skin that allows me not to need foundation. But I still have daily imperfections that I struggle to hide most of the time (especially because I don’t want to use foundation) so for the occasion, I tried it with foundation, and the coverage is amazing.
Before writing this blog post, I had a 2 hours of sleep night, so you can imagine the dark circles under my eyes. And guess what… I managed to hide them perfectly with this concealer, and my skin looks flawless.
Yes, yes, and yes ! 

     • Let’s continue : next in the Birchbox : Percy & Reed, Quite Frankly Flawless Finishing Polish (shop here). It is like cream, but for your hair. (Because in the 90s, appart from a dramatic or natural look, hair was next on the list of important features to take care of !)
First : the smell is amazing, I can still smell it hours after I put it on. I cut my hair a lot shorter than I used to have it (really, really long) three months ago, and I am struggling to style my hair for the past 3 months. Why ? Because I simply hate it. It is shorter than I wanted it. But today I am LOVING it, no lies !
I felt like I had too much volume for such a short length, when today with this product, the volume made a little bit of sense because it was a little more « styled » than JUST volume for volume. It was still looking natural, but with a little bit of « 
I made the effort (in two seconds but you don’t have to know) to fix my hair ».

     • Now, we’ve got Luseta’s Coconut Milk Hair Mask (shop here). I was a little bit afraid, because I read a few negative comments about this one. Also because having a second hair product in this month’s Birchbox was a bit deceiving, but, hey, who doesn’t love pampering their hair ? Especially when the theme allows it ahah ! So why not give it a try too ?
And… I actually loved it. First again, the smell.
THE SMELL ! What a pleasure to wash your hair with an amazing smell. Especially when you know I don’t really like coconut perfume, but this one didn’t have the same effect on me, I simply loved it.
     I washed my hair, and used this product on the evening. Next morning, my hair was sooo smooth and soft and so different from usual, the whole day. And I did appreciate that feeling !

     • Last but not least in this February BirchBox, we have been gifted the Marcelle Gentle Makeup Remover (shop here). And at least one item in this box had to disappoint me, and it had to be this one. First, because this was not very exciting (especially because I hate makeup removing time…), and also because I didn’t like the feeling at all.
I use Sephora’s Makeup Removal on a daily basis, and I am in love with this product. So it was no surprise that Marcelle’s one couldn’t compete at all. Okay, it did its job, but my eyes felt quite irritated afterwards. So I wouldn’t go for that one again. But it was worth the try ! 

 Bonus: They gifted us 10 free prints on Cheerz website, for a retro decoration with polaroids ! 

    This Month, BirchBox inspired me quite a lot with the topic “Beauty Through the Decades“. Not even just with my choice of the 90s inspired Box, but also in general because I am passionate about the evolution of women through times. I have a preference for the 50s and I would have chosen this one straight away if it was possible. But 90s was a great choice and it brought back so many good memories. I am looking forward to the next month’ box ! — 

    What about you ? Do you have a Birchbox subscription ?
If you had the choice, what decade would you choose to live in ? 

Thank you for still reading, and see you later, Estelle. 

February 2018 Birchbox Review, Beauty Through The Decades

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