5 Cities To Visit in Europe

View Over Inverness, Scotland

Wait, am I a Travel Blogger ?

It seems like I don’t have a proper niche, right ? To me, my blog is kind of a diary I use to write about everything and anything. I am planning on finding my real true niches (or my favorite ones), but I guess that I have a long path until there. For now, trying every sort of blog posts makes me happy ! And the only way to find your true niches, is basically… By having them all (or at least, a lot) in the early stages of your blog. 

Back to my blog post of the day : Travel has always been one of my main motivation in Life. When I was a toddler, I used to travel a lot with my Family. I went to many different cities around the World,  and I used to think it was easy and not expensive (you know when you are a child, you think your parents have all the money in the world…) Well, while growing up I realized it was not that easy, and my dream to travel all around the World grew more and more every single day.

 I remember scrolling down on Tumblr for hours and hours, especially at night where I would meet my dreams. I would just look at pictures of other cities, countries, houses, etc. If you even know me for a long time, you may know I have a thing for lights. And if it’s not always about Christmas lights, then it is certainly about what I always called ”city lights”.

Craving the “City Lights”

When I was 15 until now (almost 10 years later!) I was and still am craving city lights. What I picture in my mind when I pronounce these two words is just lights of any cities in the world, at night. I have a thing for them.

One of my dreams was to own a huge flat or villa (kind of really ambitious, ha!) with a large bay window where I could sit every night with a cup of tea, and admire the lights all over the city. Trafic, buildings, decorations, any kind of lights. Different colors everywhere.

When I finally made the decision to move from Paris to London back in late 2014, I was still in desperate search for those lights. And even if I have seen so many different ones since then, I could never be fed up with it. This is why I am still on the hunt of new ones to discover, and traveling makes it possible. The idea of discovering and exploring new cities, streets, cultures, food, languages and more, is just indescribable. And trust me, there is NOTHING more rewarding either

    Today, I just want to give you 5 cities I explored, and (for some of them)  fell in love with. 5 cities you should consider visiting in Europe/UK, because each one has something special to offer.

5 Cities You Should Definitely Visit



My number one beyond all expectations, would be PARIS, France. Yes I know, I keep saying I don’t like Paris. After all, I moved out for a reason, right ? But at the same time, I cannot say it is not a beautiful city, at least to visit once in a Lifetime. 

From the architecture that makes you travel through the ages, the History of the city that will chill down your spine, the atmosphere making you feel like in old movies, and its label for the city of Love and Fashion, Paris needs to be on your list. Oh and, let’s not even talk about the delicious French food.

It might be because I spent most of my life there, that I ended up not liking it anymore, especially because I linked it to way too many things and memories not necessary all good.

But in the end, I would still recommend anyone to visit Paris. (to pronounce in a French accent please, Merci !)

Eiffel Tower, Paris, France
View Over Paris, France


London Parliament & Big Ben, London

 • On to the next one, still really obvious… LONDON, England. As for Paris, I spent a lot of time in this city, and I might want to move somewhere else in the near future… But one thing for sure : you NEED to visit London.

  It is a huge city, with so many different cultures, activities, energies. London is the most alive city I know so far. There is always something to do, even around the corner. Always new people to meet, and always a live show to discover. The architecture is so different from Paris, but feels so fresh and majestic.

Like Paris, you will feel like London is a busy city, but when you get away a little bit from work, step outside and wander around, whether you prefer at night or daytime, you will realize there is something magical about London. 
In fact, I want to move out (just because I am craving new adventures), but something stops me from leaving London. I can’t tell you what, this city just has that something you were looking for. And when you think you are done with it and you know everything about it, nope ! Keep looking around you, there’s more.


Third city : NOTTINGHAM, England. I admit, I love Nottingham for sentimental reasons. But it doesn’t make it any less amazing. Nottingham city centre is quite small, but the cutest one ever. You would easily find your way back on your own after just a few hours in there, while finding cute “secret” places in tiny streets.

Not as busy as London or Paris of course, this city is still full of joy and feels so much alive. If you feel like you still need more fresh air, you can walk a little bit further outside the city center, make your way to the castle, and feel the oxygen fill your lungs. You will learn about Nottingham History and the culture around their beloved Robin Hood, and I am pretty sure you will enjoy it.  

What I also like about Nottingham is the tram, and how easy it makes it to get from one place to another in a few minutes. When you think about the tube, you think about busy. But in Nottingham, you can enjoy a quick trip by tram without feeling overwhelmed and still enjoy your little getaway.


Second to last, I would recommend CARDIFF, Wales. I went to Cardiff twice, and to be truly honest with you, I still didn’t manage to visit a lot because I was not there to visit. But if there’s one city I would like to go back to discover more, I would definitely choose Cardiff, because it really blew me away. 

The city centre kind of reminded me of Nottingham city centre, without even being the same. Cardiff city centre is really cute as well, and you feel so out of your comfort zone but still feel comfortable. (does it even make sense ?) 

The architecture seems old but well preserved, and you feel deep in the History of Cardiff. I don’t know about you, but I don’t get to see a castle in the city centre every day. (Well, maybe because London city centre is way too big to even see any castles from anywhere, unless you are next to it!) 

Also, I remember the first time I went to Cardiff was from London by coach, and when we got closer to it, I could see some signs in a different language than English… Of course, it was in Welsh. And I just fell in love with the feeling of not being able to read anything. You know, when you feel definitely far awar from home. Just the magic of traveling !

Cardiff Castle, Wales


Edinburgh Castle, Scotland


Last but not least… EDINBURGH, Scotland,  which is my favorite city so far. I fell in love with the magic of Edinburgh back in October 2015. It was on my bucket list to visit Scotland, and Edinburgh was the perfect destination for it. I visited Glasgow and Inverness as well, but Edinburgh has my heart. There is no word to describe the beauty of the city. The city centre itself is just a real pleasure to walk through, to get to discover the unusual and beautiful streets, small old shops and cafés.

If you get the chance to go to Edinburgh, make sure you visit the Princes Street Gardens. You will have a beautiful view on the Castle, and the park itself is gorgeous and a great place to take a walk of fresh air. This place is out of this World.

I have an obsession for castles (as the princess I am), and I visited Edinburgh Castle on my second trip there, and it would be a shame to go to Edinburgh without visiting one of the biggest symbols of the city itself. The rich History it has to tell you will leave you astonished. Also, the view you can have all over Edinburgh from the Castle view point is breathtaking.

The city has this thing to put you right through its History with its old/ancient and royal atmosphere.

 Also reputed to be haunted, I visited Edinburgh for Halloween twice, and once again, the scary vibe/atmosphere wasn’t missing. Bonus point for Harry Potter Fans who will definitely love some places that inspired our beloved J.K. Rowling…

Victoria Street, Edinburgh, Scotland

I had the chance to visit so many other beautiful cities, but I needed to share these ones with you. In each one, I found a little bit of “Home” feeling every time. Let me know if you would like me to share more of them.  Have you visited some of these ? What were your thoughts on them ? Would you recommend any other cities ? I would love to know, add more to my current bucket list, and get ready to explore ! 

Thank you for reading, and see you next time ! Estelle. 

In this blog post, I share with you 5 european cities I already explored that you should too. Whether it is to move there or just to spend a few days wandering around the city and its city centre, I recommend you to plan your next trip (just after reading my blog post).



  1. 26 February 2018 / 12 h 54 min

    I absolutely love this post ! Your thoughts about each city make me want to discover them ! Obviously I know Paris, London, Nottingham and Cardiff but I really want to discover Edinburgh! Maybe it will be with you next autumn ! :’)
    I think my top 5 is definitively : Barcelona, London, Cambridge (You HAVE to go there! ❤ ), Cardiff & Arras (I studied 4 years in this town but its like I really discovered its heritage and history since i’m working in the tourist office ! And I like it 🙂 )

    I cant wait to read more of your posts !!! ❤

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