Anxiety Matters Too : You Are Not Alone in This

Blogging Should Be For Yourself

I am at that stage of my blog where I can say I started a long time ago but I just started as well, because I created it over a year from now, but still, I haven’t been posting/blogging at all. And the main reason why I don’t post is probably the fear of it. I am afraid of reactions, or not being good enough. I am afraid of not having readers. I am afraid of just doing it wrong.

But isn’t blogging supposed to be how you want it to be in the first place ? Isn’t it for you to write just what you want, whether people like it or not ? I mean, I know I want people to like my content and my texts, because, well, who would like to write and try to inspire to actually… Have no readers ?

And tonight, here I am in my bed, starting to write, not just for the sake of it, but because I really WANT to, and more than this, I NEED it. Because I need to get things out of my head right now.

Anxiety Matters Too : You Are Not Alone in This

Don’t Put Pressure On Yourself

I am feeling completely depressed at this exact moment I am typing these words. But at the same time, the more I type the less I feel depressed. You may know, when you are depressed, sometimes there is NO reason for it, it just HAPPENS.

And as much as I know about depression and how it feels like, and how it doesn’t happen just because of one little thing most of the time (And Here’s My Video About it), tonight I think the reason why I was feeling so down for the past hour, and even worse for the past 15 minutes before starting writing, was just because… I wanted to write on my blog. I wanted to start  blogging for good. And not doing it when I have been thinking about blogging for years, and in more depths lately, made me feel completely depressed.

The reason why I really want to blog, is because I want to reach out to people. I want to inspire, as I just said a few sentences earlier. I want to talk about topics that matter, such as depression, anxiety, mental illness/wellness, etc. As much as I want to talk about topics that might matter less to some people (and still matter to others?).  And somehow, I felt like I would be judged for blogging. But I guess the person who was judging me the most was/is… Myself.

Anxiety Matters Too : You Are Not Alone in This

In The End, Who Cares What People Think ?

As I said, blogging should be for yourself. Yes, you want to have readers, yes you want people to like what you are writing, of course ! But if they don’t like it then, fine. It shouldn’t be a problem. And if I want to post a blog post no matter the topic, I should just do it and stop putting pressure on my own self about what people would eventually think. I have been doing this for the past year and this is exactly what stopped me from doing something I really wanted in the first place, blogging.

And tonight, it ended up being the reason why I was depressed when it clearly shouldn’t. I don’t need no one to tell me what I should do or who I should be. Tonight, I just needed to write about how much I want to write…. If that makes sense to you !

So let’s just say this blog post is not about depression. Because trust me I know what depression is (in fact, it is one of my best friends for as far as I can remember. I will talk about it later since mental wellness is one of my niches!) but I guess this is just about blogging. And most importantly, blogging for yourself.

Blog For Yourself and The People Who Love Your Content !

If you want to write about whatever you want to, then go for it and nobody’s judgment should be a stop. Because in the end if they don’t like it, then they don’t read it, period. But YOU should keep writing and blogging. You are doing this for yourself, I AM doing this for myself. People who have the same interests as you, will naturally come and read, and get involve/interact with your blog, and make you feel like your work and effort is worth it.

If you feel like people’s judgment have stopped you from posting, or even from doing anything in life in general, then this is your time to realize that you are living your life for yourself, and nobody else.

Have you ever felt that way ? Do you think you can get over it and do whatever makes you happy now ?

I feel much better now that I wrote this, and I am ready to jump on this adventure called blogging ! See you later !


P.S. : Being afraid of people’s judgment could be related to Anxiety. You can then read my blog post about it !


Anxiety Matters Too : You Are Not Alone in This

Why You Shouldn't Be Afraid Of Blogging

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