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Hey there ! On this first Monday of the month, I am glad to be back on my blog after a little while since I launched it. Since then, I have been a bit overwhelmed by so many things, and I am still trying to figure out how to balance a full-time job, a social life, and a blog all together. 

Also, I moved out last Thursday, so I took a little time to settle in first. I am trying to do my best to transform my bedroom into the cosy little crib I have always dreamt of ! How wonderful would it be, to feel great at home, sitting on a few blankets and pillows with a cup of tea, a little bit of music in the background, while taking care of my new baby that my blog is ? Hmm… Some good ideas in mind are flourishing…. 

Anyway, today, I am back to talk about an event I attended last Saturday (24th September). Indeed… It was my very first Bloggers Festival, hosted by the one and only, Scarlett London ! The event took place at the Conrad Hotel, in St James. I was accompanied by my lovely colleague, friend and blogger buddy, Loveina Bay. 

When we got there, after going down some princessy stairs (you can imagine my happiness!), we have been greeted with a wonderful and colorful balloons wall (and trust me, this is enough to get me completely hyped!) and a nice glass of champagne. How sweet. After taking loads of pictures in front of that magical wall, with my Jones & Jones dress, we all continued our way to the second room where we could enjoy a softened and cosy atmosphere, tables full of props to take photos of, sweeties here and there, people to chat to everywhere, and (delicious) canapés to nibble.

Scarlett London was also launching her very own clothes/accessories collection, and it was amazing to see her hard work in real life. The dominating color is pink, and I couldn’t be happier.

At the back of the room, a second magical wall, this time made of flowers, caught our attention again. I was quite overwhelmed by the amount of things I could take pictures of ! What a dream for me, after getting a new camera, a few weeks ago.

The last room was for all the brands to connect with bloggers. I couldn’t contain my excitement, and most of all, I couldn’t believe the amount of people owning a blog. It was really inspirational for me, who have struggled launching mine. So inspirational, that I didn’t know exactly who to talk to, what brand to check, what prop to take a picture of.

Among all the brands here, we had Blogosphere Magazine, (check my post about it)  whose Editor Alice Audley recognized me from Summer in the City 2017, which touched me a lot, and my heart was filled with a warm filling, and a desire to push my projects even more. Once again, she has been a sweet heart. 

T-Zone was here as well, talking about charcoal masks, and a nice photobooth session was taking place, to enter a competition to win one of their products.

The brand Montagne Jeunesse, launching their range of masks called 7th Heaven, was really welcoming as well, and we got spoiled with so many of their masks to try on at home. 

One of my favorite stands was the candle one, by Chelsea Candle, a company based in Kent, England. Especially now that I think twice about it, wanting to feel cosy in my new home makes me want to own so many candles ! The candle we have been given from them is their candle number 4. It can burn to approximatively 16 hours, and it has a soothing smell of Green Tea and Lemon. Everything I love.

And my number one stand, was the brand called Stackers. They are a company creating storage and jewelery boxes, for men, women, all colors and sizes/combinations possible. The stand was beautiful and it filled me with ideas on how to possibly decorate my new bedroom… Hopefully !

After finishing networking with brands and people, we made our way to the exit, and of course before leaving, we have been pampered with a huge goody bag. A nice way to end an amazing afternoon.

My only regret is, since I was a bit overwhelmed and over excited, shyness took over me and I didn’t connect as much as I wanted/expected to. But, I guess there is a first time to everything, and next time will only be better !


A huge thanks to all the brands, people, photographers, and hosts for making this day possible, and absolutely lovely. I am looking forward to attending the next one ! 

 Have you been to any Bloggers Festival ? Or even this one ? If not, are you thinking about attending one ?
I hope you enjoyed this post, and I will see you very soon, for some seasonal content, as the HUGE Autumn/Halloween/Winter/Christmas lover that I am… 

Thank you !

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