Hello there, and welcome back to my Blog. Today, I would like to talk about Blogosphere Magazine.

Have you ever heard of it ? If not, keep reading, and if you already know about it, let me know what your thoughts are !

Blogosphere Magazine has been created in 2013 by Alice Audley, to help bloggers  whether they are new to this hobby/business or not, to actually launch their own blog, or even YouTube Channel/social medias that (usually) come with it.

The magazine features tips, advices and inspiration. It also focuses on a few blogs for each category (beauty, fashion, lifestyle, travel, parenting, art/crafts, photography & food) and each blog has its own special article.

Coming with the magazine, there is a special 32 pages booklet about events Blogosphere Magazine team has hosted or attended in the past few months, giving you an inside-eye of what was going on there (and actually makes you want to attend them as well) !

I discovered the magazine a year ago, when the idea of blogging came back to me after a few years of hesitation.  (check my ABOUT THE BLOG page for more)

I remember the exact day I purchased my first Blogosphere Magazine. It was a really bad day and I was sitting in Starbucks with the 9th issue of the magazine that I bought five minutes earlier in a WHSmith, with Ella Grace Denton on the cover, and reading through it has been really soothing.

But, what inspired me even more recently, has been to have the chance to chat to Alice Audley, the Editor of the magazine.
Indeed, when I was at Summer in the City 2017, Blogosphere Magazine had their own stand. I pluck up the courage to go talk to Alice, and her advices have been incredibly stress-relieving.

Next week’s post will be about Summer in the City 2017 to know more about my meeting with
Alice Audley, and how it helped me launching my blog  you are currently reading !) 

What I like about this magazine, it’s that it is like no other : It looks different from any other magazines. It actually looks like a book, and you can feel the efforts and energy the team has put in it. They seem really involved in the making of this little piece of inspiration.

Reading through it is a real pleasure since categories make it easier to find your way to what entertains you the most, and each article about every blog is completely different to one another; they all have their own style (I am talking about the articles, but it actually works for the blogs as well !). And, the best thing about these articles : they all have been written by the bloggers themselves. Innovative, right ? That is the main slogan of the magazine “For bloggers, by bloggers. It all makes sense now !

You too can be featured in the magazine. To do so, take a look at this article on their website, and… Get your fingers ready to type !

Don’t forget to subscribe to the magazine mailing list, so that you can be the first to know about the events they are hosting. You can also purchase a membership that will allow you so many other benefits.

As December/Winter/Christmas is my favorite time of the year, I just got my ticket to attend their Christmas Festival that will be hosted on December 16th this year, so I am looking forward to meeting a lot of new bloggers like me, and also vlog and blog about it to share it all with you.


Did you get your hands on the latest issue of Blogosphere Magazine ?
If not, are you looking forward to getting it ?

Thank you for reading me, and… See you later hopefully !

Estelle as Je Serai Reine


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