Welcome to Je Serai Reine !

Here it is, my very own  blog ! I am beyond happy, honored, and excited to introduce you to this little gem of mine, called Je Serai Reine…. What ? Okay, let me help you with this one. Pronounce it “Je Sereh Rehn“. In French, it means “I will be a Queen.” (because I am a Princess !)

If you want to know more about the name of the blog, the hows and whys behind it, you can read my ABOUT ME and ABOUT THE BLOG pages, this will help you to understand more about my vision of this blog.

Yeah But… About What in a Few Words, Please ?

Let me just give you a few hints though : I will mostly write about Beauty, Fashion and some Lifestyles posts, but, as my blog will need a few holidays for being a hard worker, I will try my best to bring you with me on trips through my travel blogposts.

Last but not least, as so many things and thoughts are going on in my mind, I want to use my voice (well, my fingers to type) to share some important topics to me, such as depression, anxiety, and more. I really want to spread Mental Health Awareness, and creating a blog was the best option for it (for now !).

And of course as surprises never come alone, and because I always want to put my goals and ideas quite high… I also have my YouTube Channel , where I mostly post Travel Vlogs. As a huge explorer I aspire to be and already are, I love Vlogging everytime I’m on the go. But keep an eye on it, I have so many other ideas in mind. I will definitely try my best to entertain you as much I as can, and most of all, inspire you as much I as can.

Stay tuned, and don’t forget to wear your invisible crown  !

Estelle as Je Serai Reine ☆ 

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