“Ted Says Relax” Luxury Loungewear Collection

Ted Says Relax Loungewear Collection 2017

Since I am working for Ted Baker, I am in love with most of the brand’s items. But, a month ago now, Selfridges (where I am working for Ted Baker) had the chance to receive an exclusive collection to our store.

And I instantly fell in love with everything about it : The name of the collection ”Ted Says Relax’‘, the materials : Soft cotton-blend, wool and cashmere, the colors, that are going from Dusty Pink to Black, including grey and little notes of Rose Gold details ; I knew this collection was made for me.

For a whole month, it was exclusive in Selfridges and I got the pleasure to witness it everyday, hanging in my store with baby-pink hangers. What a dream for me.

But since the 10th of August, the collection is now available in every Ted Baker store and online. For the occasion, a special event took place in the main big store in Regent Street and I had the chance to attend it. Here’s how it went :

– Ted Says Champagne & Pamper ? –

Customers were being greeted with a glass of champagne (and I don’t drink alcohol, but I can tell you it was good!) and a nice atmosphere all over the store. Anyone who would buy a piece of the collection was pampered with a manicure in the theme of Ted Says Relax colors, and receive a complimentary gift. What a dream, right ? 

 Travel Blogger and Fashion Editor (Elle Magazine) Bonnie Rakhit (click here for her blog) introduced the pieces of the collection, and hosted a small Questions & Answers Session where anyone could get involved in. I did, and my heart was filled with a warm feeling as she was really inspiring and helpful. I vlogged the whole event, so keep scrolling if you want to know more about it !

– Ted Says TRY IT ! –

After the session, I made my way to the fitting rooms where I tried a few pieces of the collection. It is hard for me to choose my favorite one, because I sure want to get them all for my next road trips or flights (or even for an evening writing blogposts with a nice cup of tea by my side, and lounge Music as a background, obviously), but here are a few ones I really love (and you are going to love them too) :

The ones I have my eyes on since day one : (click on the name for more details) 

  • ORCHER, cotton-blend sweat top, that comes in Pink, Black and Grey.
    It is as comfy as it looks sophisticated !
  • OLYMPY, a wool and cashmere tie front knitted tunic dress, that comes in Grey and Pink.
    Both colors are tempting me but, surprisingly, I think I do prefer the grey one.
  • RADONNA, cotton-blend ribbed cuff jogger trousers, that come in Pink, Black and Grey.
    I felt like I was in pajamas, and sitting on a cloud. So comfy !
  • Ted Says Relax Loungewear Collection 2017

    I am so happy to work for a brand that I genuinely love, and that reflects my personality this much ! You can even check my pink coat from them in this photoshoot. [Edit June 2018] : I don’t work for Ted Baker anymore, but I still LOVE lots of their products, and I am still on the hunt for my favorites pieces. I can’t wait to own more !

    What do you think about this collection ? What does it inspire you ? Would you go for it ?

    Check Ted Baker website‘s for the whole collection and more information !

    Ted Says Relax Loungewear Collection 2017


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    1. 17 September 2017 / 20 h 01 min

      Your website is amazing, like you ❤
      Each post is so interesting, I want more and more ! I love how you express yourself and your pictures are so beautiful !

      I’m so proud of you and I love you so so much ❤

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