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Peggy Porschen Cakes, London

A while ago, as I am living in a beautiful city called London,  I decided to go wander a little bit. My goal : go to a special afternoon tea shop, Peggy Porschen Cakes. I think I have this store in mind for the past three years, but I NEVER took the chance to go there. When I woke up that morning, this thought came to my mind : Today is the day to go there.

And I went there ! As I am having a huge obsession with the fifties, I decided to wear a cummerband burgundy skirt, a transparent-black top with a black bra, and a little tight coat. My UGG rainboots on, a burgundy scarf (reminding the skirt) around my neck, and I am all good to finally know if Peggy Porschen is as beautiful as in my dreams.

I have to tell you something : I am a Cupcake lover. And since I am 16 years old (and I am 24 now) my best friend Juliette and I, LOVE baking Cupcakes, just to find the PER-FECT recipe (and guess what… We did ! We finally made the perfect recipe ! But we keep it as a secret….;) ). So, when it comes to taste other Cupcakes, I admit it, I am truly hard to satisfy and I am really picky. I do have some favorite stores in mind, but still, I will often think “it’s not as good as Juliette and I’s cupcakes !” (Of course, it’s not to take literally) (maybe a little bit) 

– You Can’t Miss It : It Will Catch Your Eye Straight Away –

Peggy Porschen Cakes is located in London, next to the Victoria Coach Station (and it is actually a shame I have never been there, because the amount of times I went to Victoria Coach Station is huge…) at the corner of Ebury Street. It is actually very easy to spot it from a long distance : There is no other pink store nearby !

My heart started beating faster that usual, when I saw the pink facade, a few meters away. My smile was so huge that my face hurt. When I arrived if front of it, of course, I couldn’t NOT take pictures of it. I stayed here for a while, staring at the beautiful facade with its Christmas decorations. Here I was, where I wanted to be so many times before.

I finally decided to enter it, and the indoor store was as mesmerizing as the outdoor. Everything was pink, but the kind of pink you actually CANNOT get rid of. Christmas decorations again, Cupcakes, cookies, cakes everywhere. I could describe the indoor for a long time, but I think the best way to help you imagine it… Is to show you, so keep reading and scrolling ! 

After taking a lot of pictures of everything that was catching my eyes, I went to the counter to order something (of course, I didn’t come not to try what they have in store!). After consideration, I chose a Lemon & Raspberry Cupcake, and a Summer Berry Tea. I sat down on a table next to some shelves with books (to buy), decorations, and cookies. A (really nice) barista served me, and I couldn’t even dare to start eating/drinking. First things first, I took pictures !

Peggy Porschen Cakes, London

– Looks Good, But… Does it Taste Good ? –

When I was happy with my pictures, I finally tasted the tea and the cupcake. And… Oh my god. It was as good as the way it looks. The tea was perfect, not too sweet, not bitter (and trust me, I am truly difficult about the way to taste tea aswell). The cupcake was truly fondant, and you don’t find fondant cupcakes every day. Oh and, let’s not even talk about the frosting of the cupcake… Probably the best I have ever tasted. (after Juliette and I’s, of course 😉 ! )

After finishing those delicious treats, I thought I would be totally full, but to be truly honest with you, I would have loved a second cupcake, and more tea (though the portions are perfect, enough for one person. I guess I am just really greedy ahahah !). I stayed a few more minutes to enjoy the relaxing and cute atmosphere, before finally deciding to leave the place. The service was adorable, truly welcoming and smiling, and very caring for the customer. I truly felt like a Princess ! 

Despite the wide range of beautiful products in store, I didn’t buy anything to take home, but… It means I will have to come back 😉 ! I feel like I found my new place to work on my blog ;).

Peggy Porschen Cakes, London

What about you ? Have you ever been there ? What did you try ?

Peggy Porschen Cakes, London


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